I just want to ask you the meaning of the word CULT. Someone has told me that only Pentecostal churches are true but all but all others are cult. But in Truth, I see you study scriptures well and understand.

The first Christians were accused of being a cult, and Jesus was accused of being the leader of a cult. In Acts 28:22 the Jews in Rome told Paul that they had heard of his “sect” (cult) and “everywhere it is spoken against.”

 Just as the Scribes and Pharisees of Jesus’ day could not argue against the Truth of the words that came from Jesus’ mouth, the enemies of God and Christ cannot argue against the Truth of the REAL Gospel and Plan of God – so they must attack the people who spread the Truth instead by calling us names and spreading lies, because they “received not the love of the Truth”. This is a tactic often used by Satan and those who are blinded by him, so if someone accuses us of being in a “cult”, and it is because of our witness of the Truth of the Gospel message, then we should REJOICE to suffer for Jesus’ sake!