Questions You Ask

I just want to ask you the meaning of the word CULT. Someone has told me that only Pentecostal churches are true but all but all others are cult. But in Truth, I see you study scriptures well and understand.

Brethren does this verse (2 Cor. 12:2-3) support the narratives of NDEs (near death experiences) of their visitation to the other side of the supernatural (heaven)…2. Is this what we call trance …3 if the response to one is true the experience in body or in spirit?

One day my Pastor was annoyed in Church. I asked him later why he went to that extreme as God’s “love is not easily provoked”. He answered me and said that it was “Holy Anger” (Righteous Indignation)…Brothers is there something called “Holy Anger”?

Now I have a disturbing question please bare with me. Saul was chasing for David to kill him. After the death of Saul the king, one of the soldiers brought a report to David. Then David ordered that he should be killed. Now am asking, Why did David do such a thing to the man?